Our Team

Our team comprises of professional, experienced and qualified trained employees who are ready to serve and offer you with fast delivery response time. Ocean Services is a full ship chandler and an oil field supplier capable of supplying all of your vessel’s needs. Ocean Services is a one-stop shop for all ship storing services. The management at Ocean Services consists of experts who understand ship budgeting and cost control measures, thus our supply departments will work with you to match your budgets. Ocean Services  in combination with our professional, experienced staff and an extensive history permits us to give our customers what they pay for while maintaining competitiveness. Professionalism and efficiency are the two obligations we keep towards our clients.



Late Abdul Latif Mirajkar


Iqbal Ahmed Mirajkar

Chief Operating Officer

Abdul Basit Mirajkar

General Manager 

Muhammad Hussain

Manager Accounts & Admin

Abdul Samad

Manager Marketing & Operations

 Irfan Ahmed Khan

Manager Purchase

 Abdullah Ibrahim

Procurement Officer


Technical Assistant

 Anas Nazeer Deshmukh


 Muhammad Ali Pakmoray

Support Staff

Baber Ali